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Translation of "franchement" in English


Et franchement, tu fuis tes responsabilités familiales.
And Frankly, You'Re Shirkin' Your Family Responsibilities.
Le casino de Catlin est franchement malhonnête.
Catlin's casino is, well, frankly, dishonest.
Mais franchement, ces vêtements paraissent bizarres ici.
But honestly, darling, you do look funny out here in those clothes.
C'est pas compliqué, franchement.
It's really not that big a deal. Honestly.
Holmes, franchement, vous devez manger.
Holmes, really, you must take some nourishment.
C'est pas pour moi, franchement.
I can't afford it, really.
Parce que franchement, je voulais éviter cette conversation.
Well, that's because, frankly, I wanted to avoid this conversation.
Et franchement, votre avis nous importe peu.
And, frankly, we don't care whether you think it's good or bad.
C'est votre problème, franchement.
That's the problem with you, frankly.
Alors franchement, je trouve ceci agressant.
Now, frankly, I find this very offensive.
Et franchement, je la comprends.
And, frankly, I don't blame her.
Cette résolution est franchement très modérée.
This is, frankly, a very soft resolution.
Ces lacunes sont très gênantes et franchement inacceptables.
These are shortcomings that are quite inconvenient and frankly unacceptable.
L'avenir de l'assurance-maladie est franchement incertain.
The future of medicare, frankly, is in doubt.
J'en aurais franchement souhaité davantage.
Frankly, I would have wished for more.
Je suis heureux de pouvoir vous parler directement et franchement.
As a matter of fact, I'm glad to be able to talk to you directly and frankly.
Et franchement, c'est aberrant.
And, frankly, it makes no sense.
C'est vraiment ennuyant et je préférerai, franchement, qu'on commence par des choses plus anodine.
It's really boring, and I'd prefer it, frankly, if you started with something a little more innocuous.
Personnellement, bien franchement, cela m'a aussi déçu.
To me, quite frankly, that was a disappointment too.
C'est, franchement, psychotique qu'elle se pointe ici.
It is, frankly, psychotic of her to show up.
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