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Translation of "furax" in English

madder than
T'as le droit d'être furax.
I don't blame you for being mad.
Il est furax à cause du scotch.
I think he's mad because his mouth got taped.
Mais mon vieux serait furax si je me pointais pas.
But still, my dad'll get angry if I don't show up.
Je sais que ces gars sont furax.
These guys are angry. I know it.
Umegaya, le manager est furax.
Umegaya, the manager is furious.
Je parie qu'il était furax.
I'll bet Junior was furious.
Le patron furax le préoccupe tellement qu'il oubliera nos visages.
His brain is so overloaded with "angry boss," he won't remember our faces.
Il a rompu le contrat, Aitken était furax.
Aitken was mad he broke the contract.
Avec des champignons, elle serait pas si furax.
Maybe if she put it about more, she wouldn't be angry.
Je suis moins furax, là.
I'm suddenly much less angry.
Oui, il était furax contre toi.
Yes, he was mad at you.
Et voilà, vous êtes furax contre moi.
So now you're mad at me.
Au début, j'étais furax.
And at first, I was mad.
À votre place, je serais furax.
If I were you, I'd be mad.
On juge un homme à ce qui le rend furax.
I believe a man is as big as what will make him mad.
Il est furax que ses potes le lâchent.
The guy's angry his boys ain't looking for him.
Maman serait furax si elle savait.
My mom'd be mad if she knew I was here.
Sandecker va être furax quand il saura que tu as paumé son téléphone-satellite.
Man, is Sandecker gonna be mad when you tell him you lost the satellite phone.
Pour être franc, je suis un peu furax.
I've got to be honest, now I'm a little bit mad.
Si t'es furax contre lui, te venge pas sur moi.
If you're mad at him, don't take it out on me.
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