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Translation of "gens" in English


des gens +10k
gens comme 4973
gens vont 2209
gens-là 2187
Beaucoup de gens intelligents sont dyslexiques.
I mean, a lot of really intelligent people are dyslexic.
Il faut savoir d'où viennent ces gens.
It is important that we understand where these people are coming from.
Beaucoup de gens critiquent la dette.
We hear people casting stones about the debt.
Ainsi les gens nous feront confiance.
So the people can learn to trust us.
Les gens pourront échapper au chômage.
It will take people off the unemployment lists.
J'aimerais savoir comment vous présenter aux gens.
I wish I knew the proper way to present you to people.
On devrait faire évacuer les gens.
You know, we should start clearing people out of here.
Vous allez contaminer les gens biens.
You're going to contaminate the good people.
Tant de gens ont mauvaise mémoire.
[Chuckles] So many people have such bad memories.
Beaucoup de gens vont au Superdome.
A lot of people going to the Superdome.
Les gens y gardent leurs souvenirs importants.
It's a place where people keep their most important memories.
Il dédie son livre aux gens de Bosnie-Herzégovine.
Poignantly, he dedicates his book to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Cabarete accueille des gens du monde entier.
Cabarete is made up of people from all over the world.
Beaucoup de gens ici appellent ça l'Union.
Well, a lot of people here in town and stuff consider it a union.
De gens importants dans le pays.
Some of them are from the most important people in the country.
Il voit des gens toute la journée.
He is going to visit many people. I have nothing to do with that.
Plein de gens confirment pour ton anniversaire.
A lot of people are RSVP-ing to your birthday party.
Je peux seulement protéger les gens comme Jimmy.
I can only do my best to protect the people like jimmy.
Les gens comprennent mal... comment...
I think it's hard for people at home to understand how...
Regardez ces gens là-bas qui dorment.
Look at those people over there, sleeping.
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des gens +10k
gens comme 4973
gens vont 2209
gens-là 2187

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