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Translation of "gerber" in English

throw up
Tu me fais gerber, King.
You make me puke, King.
Courir à en gerber est pas mon idée du rugby.
Well, running until you puke isn't my idea of rugby.
Je vais vraiment gerber, là.
No, I seriously think I'm gonna throw up right now.
Je ne voulais pas gerber dessus.
I didn't want to throw up on it.
Si t'as envie de gerber, c'est l'endroit idéal.
If you're gonna get sick, this is the place to do it. Oh, man.
Les mouchards me font gerber, tu sais.
Squealers make me sick, you know.
Ça me donne envie de gerber.
That makes me wanna throw up.
Si j'en écoute davantage, je vais gerber.
If I hear one more thing about this debate, I'm gonna throw up.
Et les 10 premiers à gerber sont virés de l'équipe.
And the first ten to puke are off the team.
On pourra en gerber plus tard.
Look, we can all puke about it later.
Je peux venir demain matin gerber sur ton plancher.
I can come over tomorrow morning and throw up on your floor.
Tu me fais gerber, Ryan.
You're making me throw up, Ryan.
Cette histoire de concours, ça me fait gerber.
This whole beauty pageant thing makes me throw up.
Je vais aller gerber un coup.
I'm going to go throw up on something now.
Ça me donne envie de gerber !
It makes me want to throw up!
Dès que j'aurai cessé d'halluciner et de gerber...
As soon as I stop blasting puke... I'm gonna teach you to sell pizza.
Je crois que je vais gerber.
I think I'm gonna throw up.
Trop de bonté me donne envie de gerber.
Too much charity of heart and I wanna puke.
J'avais tort, je vais gerber.
I was wrong; I am gonna puke.
Non, je vais vraiment gerber là.
No, I seriously think I'm gonna throw up right now.
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