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Translation of "ghetto" in English

On voit les lumières du ghetto.
You can see the lights of the ghetto from here.
Cette rue divise le ghetto en deux.
This street divides the ghetto just about in half.
Ce n'est pas que le ghetto, Monty.
That's not just the hood, Monty.
Tant qu'il en prend assez pour rentrer au ghetto.
As long as he buys enough to get him back to the hood.
J'étais petit dans le ghetto.
I was a little boy in the ghetto.
Voilà comment nous vivions dans le ghetto.
That was how we lived in the ghetto.
La moindre petite ville avait son ghetto.
Every little town had its own ghetto.
Et chaque ghetto a connu le moment...
And every ghetto had its time...
Pas un seul ghetto en Biélorussie n'est resté.
Not a single ghetto in Belorussia remained.
Montre ton ticket pour le ghetto.
You better have your ghetto pass.
Enfin, nous sommes presque 500000 dans ce ghetto.
Anyway, we're almost five hundred thousand in this Ghetto.
Elle a vécu hors du ghetto tout ce temps.
She has passed outside the ghetto all this time.
La petite Anna a toujours vécu hors du ghetto.
Little Anna has always lived outside the Ghetto.
Une de ces dégoûtants petits contrebandiers venus du ghetto.
One of those filthy little smugglers from the ghetto.
Arrête, c'est pas le ghetto.
Come on. it's not the ghetto.
Pas mal, venant du ghetto.
Not bad, coming from the ghetto.
Puis, tes amis du ghetto.
And now your little ghetto friends.
N'essayez pas d'entrer dans notre ghetto d'amour.
Don't try to climb into our love ghetto.
Malpoli, ghetto, c'est pareil.
Rude, ghetto, same thing.
Et ta robe, elle fait trop ghetto.
And that dress is so ghetto.
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