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Translation of "grâce à" in English

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Coincés ensemble, grâce à vous.
And stuck together, thanks to you people.
Pas trop quand même, grâce à toi.
It didn't do too much, though, thanks to you, not me.
J'ai trouvé ce travail grâce à ma petite amie Silvana.
You know, at the beginning you can't be too picky... I found the job thanks to my girlfriend Silvana.
Beaucoup mieux, grâce à vos remèdes.
Thanks to your medicine, she's gotten better.
Tu as un futur grâce à moi.
(Door closes in distance) You have a future, thanks to me.
Chaque transaction était transparente, grâce à Ellen.
Well, every transaction was aboveboard, thanks to Ellen.
Elle est anéantie, grâce à Monseigneur.
Madam, it is safely dispatched, thanks to His Grace.
Cependant très modéré grâce à CAMBIO LIGHT.
A very reasonable one, thanks to CAMBIO LIGHT.
Et c'est grâce à toi.
And I think we both know I have you to thank for that.
Les preuves découvertes grâce à votre témoignage sont inadmissibles.
Physical evidence discovered as a result of your testimony is inadmissible.
La machine est également identifiable grâce à sa friction non-visqueuse.
The machine is also identifiable by means of the nonviscous friction therein.
Nombre de nouvelles équipes établies grâce à la subvention.
Number of new teams established as a result of this grant.
Je suis ici uniquement grâce à lui.
It is only because of my husband that I'm here in the first place.
Je le mérite grâce à vous.
And, God knows, I couldn't have done it without you.
Soixante-quatorze enfants vivent grâce à toi.
74 children are alive today because of you.
Notre amour vit grâce à vous.
It is you I have to thank for keeping our love alive.
Les chiffres ont augmenté grâce à moi.
How the ratings are up across the board because of me.
Sûrement grâce à l'énergie solaire.
Probably 'cause the solar power, I guess.
Et ce sera grâce à moi.
I hope you don't forget who helped you reach the top.
C'est grâce à ton honnêteté.
It wouldn't have happened if you hadn't been honest with me.
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