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Translation of "habits" in English


Trouvez-lui des habits et raccompagnez-le chez lui.
Get this man some clothes, and see to it that he gets home safely.
On reprise les habits des prisonniers.
We mend the clothes of the slave workers.
En analysant les habits de Donna Marks. J'ai trouvé cette fibre.
I'm just doing a trace on Donna Mark s' clothing and I came across this fibre.
Les Yanomami ont récupéré leurs habits.
The Yanomami are still wearing some of their clothing.
Personne ne peut entrer sans habits d'apparat.
No one can enter the kingdom without splendid dress.
Je devais plus brosser leurs habits.
It said not to brush Belmont or Veraldi's clothes.
Mais ses autres habits doivent toujours y être.
I know her other clothes have still got to be in there.
Je vous imaginais sans vos habits.
I was trying to picture you without your clothes.
Ils attendent que leurs habits sèchent.
And they're just waiting for their clothes to dry.
Alors, enlève tes habits Docteur.
Then, take off the clothes it Grants a doctorate.
Allons te chercher des habits secs.
Come on, let's get you some dry clothes.
Je voulais dire changer d'habits.
I'm talkin' about Changin' clothes.
Nos habits sont prêts pour Eau-qui-Pue.
Dad, our clothes are all ready for Stinkwater.
Les habits voyagent mal dans le continuum espace-temps.
Clothes, they don't travel well through the whole spacetime continuum.
Dehors! Finissez de coudre mes habits.
Ladies, I need you to finish my clothes you're making for me.
Les hommes offrent leurs habits aux femmes.
The men are donating their clothes to the women, Sir.
La police scientifique va vouloir prendre vos habits.
Now, the CSI is going to want to take your clothes.
Assure-toi que Sophie rentre bien et mettez ces habits.
Make sure Sophie gets home safe, okay? I want to see you in those clothes tonight.
Ces gens donnent leurs habits trop facilement.
And these guys gave up their clothes way too easily.
Je suis déjà sur les habits.
The clothes the victim was found in, I'm already on it.
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