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Translation of "hommes" in English


Ces quatre hommes connaissent la réponse.
One of these four people, they know something about it.
Tous ces mouvements manifestent un grand mécontentement parmi les hommes.
All these movements signify that there is great discontent among the people.
Votre Majesté, donnez-moi douze hommes.
Your Majesty, give me a dozen men.
Alors je vais rejoindre mes hommes.
Then I'll be getting back to my men.
Ces communications concernaient trois personnes, toutes des hommes.
Three individuals, all male, were covered by these communications.
Mickael, vous rendez les hommes armés nerveux.
Well, Michael, you're making the men with guns nervous.
Nous devenons peut-être des hommes ensemble.
Maybe it's like we're becoming men together.
Mes hommes surveillent tout l'immeuble.
Okay? My men are guarding the building.
Certains hommes apportent leur propre attelage.
Some men came to the Expedition with their own teams.
Regardez bien ces hommes sans humour.
Take a good look at these humorless men.
Mes hommes ont livré votre colis.
I see my men have brought your merchandise.
On a perdu pratiquement 80 hommes.
We nearly lost 80 men last week, Dev.
Tous les hommes disponibles travailleront dessus.
All available men here are to work on this.
Bibliothèque nationale - 221 femmes et 102 hommes.
BN - National Library - 221 women and 102 men.
Mes hommes vous montreront un endroit sûr.
It's alright, my men will show you someplace safe.
Ces hommes... ils veulent la mallette.
Jen, these men... they want the briefcase.
Tes hommes devaient passer la prendre.
Your people were supposed to pick her up.
Brancardiers, occupez-vous de ces hommes.
You, hold there. Orderly, see to these men.
On sera forcés d'affranchir les hommes de couleur.
And we will be forced to enfranchise the men of the colored race.
Une chaîne câblée locale pour hommes.
It's a local cable channel that caters to men.
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