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Translation of "hors de vue" in English

out of sight
out of his way
out of view
outta sight
hidden from view
out of his sight
leave my sight


Lorsque nous serons hors de vue, ramenez-le à Florin.
Once we are out of sight, take him back to Florin and throw him in the Pit of Despair.
Manges, bois, mais restes hors de vue.
Eat, drink, but stay out of sight.
Restons hors de vue. Viens.
Let's keep out of his way.
Elle est totalement hors de vue.
She's totally out of view.
Ça devrait nous garder hors de vue.
It should keep us out of view.
Je devrait certainement rester hors de vue.
I probably should stay out of sight.
Il peut garder ton frère hors de vue et gouverner à travers lui.
He can keep your brother out of sight and rule through him.
Vous deux, restez ici, hors de vue.
You two, stay here, out of sight.
Ils seront redirigés et dissimulés hors de vue indéfiniment... tout comme vous.
They'll be relocated and hidden out of sight, indefinitely... as will you.
Mets-le hors de vue et suis-moi.
Get him out of sight and follow me.
Pour l'instant, gardons la hors de vue.
For now, just keep her out of sight.
Mets-toi sous la fenêtre, je serai hors de vue.
Stand under the window, I will be out of sight.
Garez-vous quand vous serez hors de vue des gardes.
Pull over as soon as you're out of sight of the guards.
Je veux que vous restiez hors de vue.
And I need you all to stay out of sight.
Assieds-toi là, Bill, hors de vue.
Sit here, Bill, out of sight.
Commandant, restez hors de vue en attendant les ordres.
Commander, stay out of sight and await further orders.
Tu sais, pour le garder hors de vue.
You know, to keep him out of sight.
Elle était supposée rester hors de vue.
She was supposed to stay out of sight.
Je dois le mettre hors de vue.
I have to get him out of sight.
Emmène le hors de vue et charge les armes.
Get it out of sight and load the guns.
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