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Translation of "intervenir" in English


Autrement, on sera incapable d'intervenir.
We must also understand the situation, otherwise we will not be able to intervene.
La communauté internationale doit obligatoirement intervenir et protéger ces peuples.
There should be an obligation on the part of the international community to intervene and protect those people.
C'est là-dessus que je souhaiterais intervenir, effectivement.
That in fact is the point on which I should like to speak.
Le sénateur Gauthier voudrait intervenir à ce sujet mardi.
Senator Gauthier would like to speak to this inquiry on Tuesday.
Je sors le Colorado pour intervenir.
I'm taking the Colorado out to intervene.
La Commission cependant ne peut intervenir contre les sociétés incriminées.
The Commission, however, cannot intervene against companies involved in such practices.
Le Président des États-Unis refuse d'intervenir.
The President of the United States did not intervene.
Vous aurez la possibilité d'intervenir sur ce sujet demain.
There is no point in making a point of order: you will be able to speak on the subject tomorrow.
Le gouvernement devrait intervenir plus efficacement.
The government should deal with this in a more effective way.
Ils prient le gouvernement d'intervenir.
My constituents are calling on the government for action.
Je regrette sincèrement que la présidence ait dû intervenir.
I genuinely regret that the Speaker has had to become involved.
Les deux côtés doivent discuter et intervenir davantage.
It needs a lot more discussion and involvement by both sides.
Cela amènera peut-être le ministre des Finances à intervenir.
Maybe that will get the Minister of Finance on his feet.
Le gouvernement se doit d'intervenir.
This situation requires that the government take action.
Nous aurions pu intervenir à ce moment-là.
We had the ability at that point to become players in that particular game.
Restez en embuscade, prêts à intervenir.
Wait with the ambush and be ready to pick up the girl.
Nous devons les empêcher d'intervenir.
We'll stop them until the boat's here.
Vous devriez intervenir un peu plus.
Perhaps you should get in their way a little more often.
Il doit intervenir demain à la conférence.
He's giving a lecture tomorrow at the conference.
Cependant, certaines considérations culturelles uniques peuvent intervenir.
However, there are some unique cultural considerations that may arise.
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