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Translation of "intimider" in English

See also: laisser intimider
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face down
intimidating intimidated intimidation bullying


Il voulait sans doute juste intimider votre mari.
BOOTH: He probably just wanted to intimidate your husband.
Quelqu'un a voulu t'intimider.
It was just somebody trying to intimidate you.
Tu ne peux pas utiliser ta force pour intimider les gens.
You can't use your strength to bully people.
Je n'essayais pas de l'intimider.
I wasn't trying to bully her.
Cette invitation avait pour but de m'intimider.
I can appreciate an invitation issued to a man you've been trying to intimidate.
Je comprends ton besoin de m'intimider physiquement.
I understand your impulse to try to physically intimidate me.
Il essaye de nous intimider façon Mexico City.
He's trying to intimidate us the way they do in Mexico City.
Ils ont voulu intimider une députée démocratiquement élue dans sa circonscription.
They were trying to intimidate an MP who had been democratically elected by the people in her riding.
Bauvais a tenté de m'intimider.
You saw how Bauvais tried to intimidate me.
J'ai nettement l'impression qu'elle tentait de m'intimider.
I really feel that she was trying to intimidate me.
Elle n'est pas encore née celle qui peut intimider Anthony DiNozzo.
Woman hasn't been born yet who can intimidate Anthony DiNozzo.
Il voulait probablement simplement intimider votre mari.
He probably just wanted to intimidate your husband.
Ils essaient juste de nous intimider.
They're just trying to intimidate us.
Ils veulent me faire peur, m'intimider.
They're trying to scare me, intimidate me.
Je ne vais pas te laisser m'intimider, Tiffany.
I'm not going to let you intimidate me, Tiffany.
Il sait comment intimider sa proie.
He knows how to intimidate his prey.
Il dit qu'ils essaient de nous intimider.
He says they're trying to intimidate us.
Lee Griggson est allé chez mon frère pour intimider ma nièce.
Lee Griggson arrived at my brother's house to intimidate my niece.
Mon courage augmente toujours lorsqu'on tente de m'intimider.
My courage always rises with every attempt to intimidate me.
N'essayez plus jamais de m'intimider.
Don't ever try to intimidate me.
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