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Translation of "je dois" in English

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Excusez-vous je dois prendre mon déjeuner.
Excuse me, I have to get to my lunch.
Maintenant je dois marcher jusqu'au Ramsey's.
So now, I have to walk to the Ramseys' place.
Même si je dois faire profil bas.
And I have an opportunity to prove it, even if I am laying low.
Laissez-moi, je dois aller travailler.
Let me do it, I must go to work.
Alors, je dois la contrôler.
Then I must master it if I am to save Elyan's life.
Mais malheureusement, je dois vous demandez de poursuivre.
However, sadly, I must ask you to proceed with your assignment.
Si je dois envoyer l'équipe...
If I have to send that team in there, it's...
En attendant, je dois vous éloigner des autres.
But until I do know, I must keep you away from the others... and if necessary...
Mais je dois considérer ces choses comme mes dernières.
But I have to think of all of these things as my lasts.
Impossible, car je dois rentrer bientôt.
No, I can't, 'cause I have to go back soon.
Car je dois être rentrée à 16 h.
Why? Well, 'cause I have to be back by 4:00.
Merci, mais je dois réviser.
I appreciate that, but I have to go study.
Excusez-moi, mais je dois enterrer mon frère.
Then with license, but I have to go bury my brother.
Mais je dois envisager cette possibilité.
But I have to aknowledge that something could happen.
Tom, je dois récupérer Noah.
Tom, I have to get back to Noah.
Navré, mais je dois quitter Santa Rosa demain.
I hate to break the news to you like this, but tomorrow I must leave Santa Rosa.
Désolé, mais je dois insister.
I'm sorry, I have to object again.
Ça passera peut-être, je dois réfléchir.
Maybe it'll fade. I just... I have to see it through.
Pour séduire Nina, je dois paraître détaché.
In order to get Nina... I have to act like I don't need her.
Merci. Bon, je dois aller voir Keith.
So look, I have to go see Keith, you know, start being the best man.
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