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Translation of "je passerai" in English

I'll pick I'll come by I'll stop by I'll spend I'll make I'll be I'll drop by I will spend
I will pass
I will go
I'm gonna spend
I will come
I would spend
I'm gonna stop by
I make


Non, je passerai les prendre.
No, I'll pick it up myself.
Merci, je passerai la chercher dans une heure.
Thank you. I'll pick it up in an hour.
Si elles me conviennent, je passerai bientôt les payer.
Tell your master the skins are fine. I'll come by the next few days and pay for them.
Mais je passerai une autre fois.
But some other time. I'll come by.
Je vous appelle demain, ou je passerai.
I'll call you tomorrow, or maybe I'll stop by.
Je termine juste un petit projet, mais je passerai plus tard.
I'm just finishing up a little project, but I'll come by later.
Non, je passerai te prendre.
I'll pick you up. It's no sweat.
Bien, je passerai cet après-midi.
All right, I'll be by this afternoon.
Dites-le... je passerai cette porte.
Say it - I will walk out that door.
Corinne, je passerai vous voir.
Corinne, I'll be by to see you.
Mais peut-être que je passerai après.
I... But maybe I could, you know, drop by later.
Avec deux enfants je passerai encore mieux.
With two children, I will be even better.
Laissez, je passerai un autre jour.
No, I think it's better if I come by some other day.
Maintenant je passerai au prochain récit.
Now I will pass on to the next episode.
Maintenant je passerai une nuit tranquille.
At least I'll get a good night's sleep.
Mais je passerai à la librairie.
It'll do you good to get out into the fresh air.
Tu ne veux pas être celui avec qui je passerai ma vie, parfait.
You don't want to be the guy I'm with the rest of my life, fine.
Pour assurer la neutralité, je passerai cet appel.
To ensure neutrality, I will place that call.
Mais je passerai ce soir, et nous les trouverons.
But I'll come over tonight, and maybe we can find them.
Mais, je passerai le message.
But I'll let someone know, thanks.
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