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Translation of "je sais" in English

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je le sais 7537
Écoute... je sais que tu veux pas quitter Eureka.
Look, I know that you're upset about having to leave Eureka but this has gone way too far.
Malgré la différence d'âge, je sais que ça peut marcher.
Listen, I know there's a difference in your ages, but I really think the two of you will hit it off.
Moi, je sais toujours pas.
Who? 'Cause I'm still trying to figure it out.
Rassure-toi, je sais me débrouiller.
Don't worry. I can look after myself.
Mais je sais lire et calculer.
But I can read now and do my sums.
Et je sais ce que tu veux.
I know how you want it, girl. Hot, quick, and tight.
Mais je sais discerner un enfant malheureux.
But I know when a little child is unhappy.
Et je sais exactement comment faire.
And I know just the way to do it.
Mais je sais comment Alexandre travaille.
Excuse me, but I know how Alexandre works.
Mais je sais que... je m'éclate.
All I know is... (whispers) I'm having the time of my life.
Écoute... je sais pour Childress.
Listen, l... I know about Childress.
Maintenant je sais pourquoi vous êtes sans-abri.
Okay. Now I know why you're homeless.
Mais je sais comment les trouver.
Either way, I know how to find them.
Mais je sais comment Harken fonctionne.
But I know how Harken's thoughts run.
Je comprends pas tout mais je sais.
I don't understand everything, but I know...
C'est pourquoi je sais que M. Mauro a raison.
This is how I know Mr Mauro is right: I saw many of these actions for libel, and no one protested.
Vous êtes ici pour Nick, je sais.
Catherine, I like Nick, too. I know you're here for him.
Dis-lui que je sais où est Payne.
Tell him I know where Payne is and to meet me at my place.
Enfin, je sais que tu...
I mean, I know you - I'll probably say yes.
Néanmoins, je sais comment Ronnie fonctionnait.
However, I know how Ronnie's mind worked.
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je le sais 7537

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