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Translation of "je suis allé chez" in English

I went to I went over to
I went by
I went up to
I went down to
Because I was at
I went straight to
I went home with
I went home to
I showed up at
I go over to
I've been to
I was at
Alors je suis allé chez son ancienne épouse.
So I went to his former wife.
Alors je suis allé chez elle.
So I went to her place.
Puis, je suis allé chez elle.
Then I felt bad, and I went over to her place.
Après avoir déposé J.J., je suis allé chez lui.
After I dropped J.J. off I went over to his place.
J'ai parlé avec votre père quand je suis allé chez lui.
Nicole, I had a little talk with your dad when I went by.
L'autre jour, je suis allé chez Mme Mizuguchi.
The other day, I went to Ms. Mizuguchi's home.
Quand je vous ai échappé hier, je suis allé chez l'abbé.
Well, when I ran away from you yesterday, I went to the Abbot's house.
Alors je suis allé chez ma petite amie Kelly.
So I went to my girlfriend Kelly's.
Aujourd'hui je suis allé chez le médecin.
Today, I went to the doctor's.
Écoute, je suis allé chez les Pelts.
Listen, I went to the Pelts.
En 1948, je suis allé chez Baumeister à Stuttgart.
In 1948 I went to Willi Baumeister in Stuttgart.
Après le souper je suis allé chez le grand-père.
After a dinner I went to the grandfather.
En rentrant de l'Université, je suis allé chez Grand-mère.
After university I went to grandma's place and opened the door.
Après être parti du club, je suis allé chez elle, mais juste pour lui voler son revolver.
After I left the club, I went to her house, but only so I could break in and steal her gun.
Je ne sais plus, mais je suis allé chez les Baker.
I'm not sure about the time, but I went to the Bakers.
Une fois je suis allé chez un médecin, son cabinet était orange.
I went to a doctor one time who had an orange office.
Je pense tout le temps a ce dimanche, quand je suis allé chez lui.
I keep thinking of that Sunday when I went to his place.
Pendant que tout le monde allait à l'église, je suis allé chez Patrick et fouillé un peu.
While everyone was heading to church, I went to Patrick's house and did a little exploring.
En fait, je suis allé chez le préteur alors que tu étais à ton RDV.
In fact, I went to the pawn shop while you were on your date.
Mais je suis allé chez quelqu'un d'autre qui fait le même service.
But I went to someone else who has the same service.
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