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Translation of "juge" in English


jugé +10k
qu'il juge 1489
Seul un juge peut ordonner ça.
He doesn't have to do anything unless a judge says to.
Elle a préparé un télégramme pour le juge Fellowes.
This morning, she had a wire all written out... to some Judge Fellowes back in Texas.
Le juge va laisser Ellen témoigner contre moi.
The judge is going to let Ellen testify against me.
Il suffisait que ce soit le juge Markham.
It was easy, once I convinced the clerk to take it to Judge Markham.
Je suis psychologue et non juge.
I'm a psychologist, not a judge.
Nous sommes à la merci du juge.
Look, all we can do is throw ourselves at the mercy of the judge.
Je connais ce juge depuis toujours.
I've known this judge my whole life.
Je suis bon juge de caractères.
I think I'm a good judge of people.
Le juge va rendre sa décision.
They say the judge is coming back with a ruling.
Le juge craint un conflit d'intérêt.
The judge believes it's a conflict of interest.
On devrait répéter notre déclaration au juge.
I think we should practice our statements to the judge.
C'est sûrement pour influencer le juge...
Well, clearly, it's because I want to influence the judge somehow...
Votre coopération pourrait bien peser auprès du juge.
Your cooperation may well carry some weight with the judge.
Mais un juge les aurait relâchés.
But... some judge would have let them right out.
Cette affaire doit être rejetée là, devant le juge.
Chris, we need to get this case thrown out now while it's only in front of a judge.
Un juge décidera où ils iront.
A judge will decide where they end up.
Tu es bon juge du caractère.
Dad, you are such a fine judge of character.
Le juge a rejeté sa condamnation.
The judge threw his confession out of court.
Et j'ai voulu devenir juge.
And that's when I realized I wanted to be a judge.
Le juge Turanball voulait protéger des victimes potentielles.
I think Judge Turanball was trying to protect potential victims.
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jugé +10k
qu'il juge 1489

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