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Translation of "l'ai" in English


Je l'ai presque. je l'ai, je l'ai.
I almost got it. [Beeping] I got it, I got it.
Je l'ai écrit en pensant à vous.
I know we've never met, but I actually wrote it with you in mind.
Je ne l'ai pas invité.
Plus, you got off on it as much as I did.
Mais je ne l'ai pas envoyée.
I would not care if you drown, but I need an answer right away.
Je vous l'ai dit cent fois.
I've told you a hundred times, l don't want to win awards.
Je l'ai vu taguer sur plusieurs noms.
You know, I caught him tagging one of these over a bunch of names.
Je ne l'ai pas vu, mais...
Okay, I didn't see that one. Amanda, look, I think we...
Je l'ai analysé, mais ils...
I analyzed it for them, but what they don't know, is...
Je l'ai rencontré aujourd'hui.
I'm here to tell you that I met with him today.
Je l'ai apportée hier soir.
No, no. I brought it into the office last night.
Je l'ai vue dans un magazine.
I didn't just make it up, I saw it in a magazine.
Je l'ai entendu au téléphone.
I heard it on the phone. I was...
Je suis tombé amoureux et je l'ai su tout de suite.
Although the fact that my mother is in seventh heaven about her, I keep trying to tell myself isn't a factor, but...
Je l'ai aimé, ça oui.
I did once, yes, and it had nothing to do with the gifts.
Je l'ai passé six fois.
I sat for it 6 times. I'm sorry to hear that.
Je l'ai menacé avec le feu...
But then I got to the fire. I was like that with it.
Je l'ai toujours trouvé charmant.
Yes, I've always found it very nice.
Oui, je l'ai tuée.
Tell me the truth, and I'll give this to you.
Je l'ai pas mal expérimentée.
You know, I've had a lot of experience with irony.
Je te l'ai dit, elle a disparu.
She's vanished, okay, and I haven't found her in any of her usual haunts.
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