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Translation of "l'argent" in English


Monsieur donne l'argent pour Habouba.
Yes, the Sir is giving money for Habuba.
Le montant sera égal à l'argent perdu de Stable Shelters.
Because they're all going to add up to the same exact amount of money that was lost from Stable Shelters' account.
Mais ils doivent partager l'argent.
But they need to cash out to split up.
Le kidnappeur veut de l'argent.
If you're a kidnapper, you care about money.
Je rassemble de l'argent pour...
I've been getting some money together, so we...
Photographier et demander de l'argent.
Take some pictures, then ask for money.
Essayons de trouver de l'argent.
Let's find some money. I've seen it, obviously.
C'est de l'argent gâché.
All of it, OK? It's Money just thrown away.
Je voulais récupérer de l'argent.
I was tryin' to collect some money.
Vous pourriez toucher de l'argent.
If you turn us in, maybe you'll make some money.
Préparez l'argent pour mon virement.
Just make sure my money is ready to wire.
Ils pourraient demander de l'argent.
They should be asking for money, something.
Vous allez chercher de l'argent.
I order you: Go get some money and come back here.
Je pourrai mettre de l'argent de côté.
By living at home, I'm saving a ton of money for grad school.
Nous verserons l'argent au gouvernement provincial.
We do turn the money over to the provincial government.
Vous espériez avoir l'argent et récupérer les médaillons.
It thought that it could keep the money and to recover the miniatures later.
Mais il nous faut de l'argent.
I didn't say I would, but we've got to have money.
Le maire essaie de trouver l'argent.
The mayor's out trying to put the money together now.
Ils bloquent l'argent pendant plusieurs années.
They tie up the money for a few years.
Votre homme s'échappera miraculeusement avec l'argent.
Your man will make a miraculous escape with the money.
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