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Translation of "là-dessus" in English


Je proposerais que nous prenions une décision là-dessus.
I would suggest that we take a decision on that.
Joe, on devrait miser là-dessus.
Joe, we should put our money on that.
Je pensais avoir été plutôt bien clair là-dessus.
Well, I, for one, thought I was being really bloody clear about that.
Tu peux appuyer là-dessus quelques minutes.
You can put your finger on that for a few minutes.
Y a pas de signature là-dessus.
You didn't get a signature on that delivery to Sector Ten.
Je vais faire l'impasse là-dessus.
I'm going to have to pass on that.
J'aimerais voir vos comptes là-dessus.
I'd like to see your math on that.
Je vais personnellement mettre quelqu'un là-dessus.
I'll personally put someone on that right away.
Je triche, et accordons-nous là-dessus.
I'll fake it and we can agree on that.
On attend toujours les détails là-dessus.
We're still waiting on the specs on that.
Je travaille là-dessus depuis 12 ans.
I've been working on that for 12 years.
J'ai des informations intéressantes là-dessus.
Actually, I have some very interesting information on that.
Et on doit se concentrer là-dessus.
And we have to concentrate on that now.
Je vais devoir vous revenir là-dessus.
I'll have to get back to you on that.
On doit reconnecter les ordinateurs, concentrons-nous là-dessus.
We have to get the computers back online. Let's just focus on that.
Je veux être clair là-dessus aussi.
I want to be clear on that as well.
Nous avons fermé la porte là-dessus.
Well, we've closed the door on that.
Je préfèrerais rester et travailler là-dessus.
I'd rather stay here and work on that.
Ce serait irresponsable de spéculer là-dessus.
It would be irresponsible to speculate out loud at this point.
Les négociations collectives portent justement là-dessus.
That is precisely what contract negotiations are all about.
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