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Translation of "la victime" in English


Envoie-moi les infos sur la victime.
Well, send me everything you can on the victim.
Les empreintes sur la victime désignent toutes Freebo.
Trace prints all around the victim all point to Freebo.
Nous montrerons que la victime prévoyait de la quitter.
We'll establish motive in that the victim was planning to leave her.
Vous étiez amies avec la victime.
I understand you were all good friends with the victim.
Ça montre du remords pour la victime.
That fits, given the care and remorse for the victim.
Comme si la victime repoussait une attaque.
As if the victim were warding off an attack.
Rappelons-nous que cet homme est la victime.
Let's remember that this man was the victim.
Et vous êtes supposés examiner la victime.
And you're supposed to be examining the victim.
Ça peut appartenir à la victime.
Well, maybe it belonged to the victim.
Parlez-moi de votre relation avec la victime.
Talk to me about your relationship with the victim.
Si la victime a été étouffée...
If the victim was suffocated, then there's a...
Si la victime avait tendu les bras...
You see, if the victim had extended his arms like...
Imaginons que tu es la victime.
So, let's say you're the victim.
Le jury suivra la victime sans problème.
The jury will go with the victim no problem.
Le professeur Jung sera la victime.
Teacher Jung, not me, will be the victim.
Objection, elle accuse la victime.
Objection, Your Honor, she's putting the victim on trial.
Parle-moi du témoin qui connaît la victime.
Tell me about the witness who knew the victim.
Veuillez décrire votre rencontre avec la victime.
Mr. Kaczmarek, please describe your encounter in the hall with the victim.
Stuart dirigeait la victime dans un one-woman show.
Chief, Stuart directed the victim in a one-woman show.
On a pu identifier la victime.
FIGUEROA: We've been able to identify the victim.
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