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Translation of "le lendemain" in English

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Puis elles étaient récoltées le lendemain.
And then they were collected the next day.
Et tu étais épuisé le lendemain.
And you were in pain the next day.
Ils ne sont arrivés que le lendemain.
That's because they weren't there until the following day.
Nous le rejoindrons là-bas le lendemain.
We'll meet him there the following day.
Son fidèle compagnon et protecteur meurt le lendemain.
Ironically, her loyal companion and guardian, Huck, died the day after.
Et chez Delgado, le lendemain.
And with luck, Delgado's the day after.
Monica devait l'amener le lendemain.
Monica was going to bring him in the next day.
Ces saveurs sont excellentes le lendemain.
Those flavours the next day are deep and delicious.
Sa formation a commencé le lendemain.
The next day, we started his tradecraft.
Elle allait parfaitement bien le lendemain.
She was perfectly all right the next day.
Sauf si elle se mariait le lendemain.
That is, unless she was going to marry somebody else the next day.
Je suis allé à une réunion le lendemain.
I didn't even like it. I went to a meeting the next day.
Mon ami quitta Netherfield pour Londres le lendemain.
My friend left Netherfield for London on the following day.
Retrouvez-nous le lendemain du salon WindPower 2010.
Join us the next day of the 2010 WindPower exhibition.
Les documents restants seront examinés le lendemain.
The remaining documents would be dealt with the following day.
Le Mouvement fera connaître sa position officielle le lendemain.
The Non-Aligned Movement's official position would be presented the next day.
Je reconnais que la mention pourrait se retrouver le lendemain dans le hansard.
I realize that this could be indicated in Hansard the following day.
Il s'en est tellement voulu, le lendemain.
He was so mortified the next day.
Un jour, ils sont prêts à s'entre-tuer, le lendemain...
One day they're trying to cut each other's throats, the next day...
Et le lendemain, on me kidnappe dans un parc...
And the next day, I'm grabbed in a park...
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