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Translation of "le regardez" in English

look at him
watch him
look him
keep looking at him
watch it
you're watching it
you're looking at it


Ne le regardez pas, dit-il.
Do not look at him, he says.
Ne le regardez pas quand je lui parle.
Don't look at him when I'm talking to him.
Vous le regardez mourir dans la souffrance.
You watch him dying in pain.
Un futur tout tracé... où vous le chérissez et le regardez grandir.
A whole imagined future... where you love him and watch him grow.
Vous ne le regardez jamais en face.
And you never have to look him in the eye.
Ne le regardez jamais dans les yeux.
Never look him in the eye.
Vous le regardez, vous me voyez.
You look at him, you see me.
Quand vous le regardez, que regardez-vous ?
When you look at him, What are you looking at?
Ne le regardez pas, bougez-vous.
Don't look at him! Move it!
et vous le regardez la manger?
and we watch him eat it?
Ne le regardez pas, ce n'est pas de la faute de Koji.
Don't look at him, it's not his fault. It's not your fault, Koji.
Ne le regardez pas, regardez devant vous, il se fatiguera très bientôt.
Don't look at him, just look straight ahead and he'll run out of evergy soon.
Même si cet être corporel se trouve devant vous, ne le regardez.
Although this bodily being is in front of you, you must not see him.
Il sait que vous le regardez.
Pendant que vous le regardez, je vais terminer un appel.
While you're looking at it, allow me to finish a call.
Pendant que vous le regardez, je vais terminer un appel.
While you're looking at it, perhaps you'll excuse me if I finish a call I put in.
Ne le regardez pas de front.
Don't stare directly at it.
Marianne, ne le regardez pas dans les yeux.
Marianne, don't look at his eyes.
Vous pouvez respirez, mais tournez-vous, ne le regardez pas.
It's all right to breathe, just turn your head away from him.
Vous le regardez en pensant que c'est facile.
You look at it, and think it's effortless...
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