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Translation of "lutte" in English


Nous prenions part à la lutte internationale.
We felt like we were part of the international fight.
Les trois domaines prioritaires comprennent la lutte anticorruption.
Among the three priority areas is the fight against corruption.
Aucune blessure compatible avec une lutte.
No bruising or injuries consistent with a struggle.
Je lutte simplement avec les contrebalances.
It's just the balances that I struggle with.
Quand cette lutte dévasta votre planète...
When the struggle came which devastated your planet...
Certains voulaient importer la lutte à Londres.
There were elements who wanted to bring the struggle to the streets of London.
Elles proviennent certainement de la lutte.
I was thinking they could be from the struggle.
Le cheikh Yassine a symbolisé cette lutte.
Sheikh Yassin had been a symbol of that struggle.
Toujours la lutte pour la liberté.
This is still an aspect of the struggle for freedom.
Aucune trace de lutte, mutilations post-mortem.
No sign of a struggle. Mutilation was post-mortem.
Cette lutte dure depuis fort longtemps.
This fight has been going on a long time.
La lutte viendra, assez vite.
I'd say the fight's coming, soon enough.
Il pourrait y avoir une lutte violente.
We could be looking at a period of potentially violent struggle.
Edward lutte avec son identité depuis notre adolescence.
I've watched Edward struggle with who he was since we were teenagers.
Néanmoins la lutte intérieure ne cessait pas encore.
However, the internal party struggle did not yet cease.
Il travaille actuellement et continue la lutte.
Right now he is working and continuing the struggle.
La lutte entre tes deux identités.
The struggle you have with your dual identity.
Et pourtant la lutte était inévitable.
But yet, the struggle itself was inevitable.
Premiers dessins réalisés pour la lutte environnementale.
First drawings and posters created for the environmental struggle.
Nous devons donc poursuivre la lutte implacable contre ces éléments.
That is why we must continue our relentless struggle against these elements.
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