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Translation of "lycée" in English


Je faisais 1 m 80 au lycée.
I mean, I didn't hit 6 feet till halfway through high school.
Malheureusement, on était au lycée ensemble.
Unfortunately, we went to high school with them.
Shoko allait passer du collège au lycée.
Shoko had moved on from high school to college.
Ces trois-là étaient inséparables au lycée.
The three of them were thick as thieves in college.
Toujours populaire, comme au lycée.
Still popular, just like in high school.
Elle était peut-être bizarre au lycée.
She could've been awkward in high school.
On avait quelque chose comme ça au lycée.
You know, come to think of it... we had something like that in high school.
Au lycée tu aurais été à mes côtés.
God, when we were in high school you would have been right there with me.
Au lycée, on faisait la course avec une TR7.
In high school, we'd race this guy's TR7 on River Road pin the speedometer at 1 20.
New York est si différent du lycée.
Still, New York is just so different from high school.
Une copine de lycée devient grand-mère.
An old girlfriend from high school becomes a grandmother.
Elle avait déjà abandonné le lycée.
She has already dropped out of high school.
J'écoutais au lycée... généralement.
I actually paid attention in high school... mostly.
L'Amanda du lycée aurait accepté.
You know, High School Amanda would have taken that.
J'ai changé depuis le lycée.
I'm a far cry from what I was in high school.
Je suivais une piste au lycée.
I was following a hot lead at the high school.
En ce temps j'étais au lycée.
How should I know? I was in back high school in those days.
Au lycée, je voulais être écolo.
In college, all I wanted was to be a conservationist.
Scott et Walter étaient mes meilleurs amis au lycée.
Scott and Walter, they were like my best friends in high school.
Mais vous êtes intervenu au lycée.
But you did intervene at the high school.
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