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Translation of "m'occupe de" in English


Je m'occupe de l'AMF, Mark.
Let me worry about the S.E.C., Mark.
Je m'occupe de tes intérêts.
I am looking out for your best interest.
Je m'occupe de vos bagages.
Silver Streak. I'll take care of your bags, sir.
Demain je m'occupe de mariés.
I've got a bride and groom to do in the morning.
Je m'occupe de vous dans un moment.
And so me and my best friend, we had to pretend like he was alive.
Je m'occupe de l'inventaire.
I'm in charge of keeping inventory, so it was easy.
Je m'occupe de mes amis.
Like I'm telling you. I take care of my friends.
Dis-moi où il est, je m'occupe de lui.
See what he look like? Okay, you tell me where he is And I will take care of him.
Je m'occupe de sa comparution.
Okay, well... I'll do the first appearance in the morning.
Je m'occupe de toutes personnes.
I tend to both the highest born and the lowliest amongst us.
Je m'occupe de ces gars depuis des années.
Listen, Kelly, I've been wrestling these guys for years, and they're pretty tricky.
Je m'occupe de l'électricité...
I told you, - I'm taking care of all the electrical.
Je m'occupe de vous pendant votre halte.
Well, my name is Zach and I'll be taking care of you during your layover.
Je m'occupe de ces garçons.
Maintenant, je m'occupe de ma théorie.
If you'd excuse me, I'm working on a theory of my own.
Je m'occupe de la voiture.
Why don't you talk to her. I'll get the van.
Faudrait que je m'occupe de ça aussi.
You know, I should probably do something about those.
Je m'occupe de la fuite.
I'll start with the leak.
Je m'occupe de quelque chose puisque vous pouvez rien faire.
Just taking care Of something, Since you couldn't Help me out.
Non, je m'occupe de moi depuis toujours.
No, I been taking care of myself my whole life.
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