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Translation of "ma chérie" in English


Je reviendrai vite, ma chérie.
It's all right, honey. I won't be long.
Je comprends tes sentiments, ma chérie.
I'm sorry, honey. I know how you feel about it.
J'espère te revoir ma chérie.
I hope to be able to see your face again, baby.
Tu me manques, ma chérie.
FRANK ON PHONE: I miss you, baby.
Pense à moi, ma chérie dès que...
Think of me, babe, whenever...
Tu devras rentrer chez toi en taxi, ma chérie.
You'll have to take a cab home alone, honey.
Je ne voulais pas t'arnaquer, ma chérie.
I didn't want to gyp you, honey.
C'est bon de te voir ma chérie.
It's good to see you, honey.
Ça ne me convient pas, ma chérie.
As I said before, it's not good for me, honey.
C'est dangereux, ma chérie.
First of all, they're dangerous, baby.
Lauren, ma chérie, laisse Papa tranquille.
Lauren, honey, let's leave daddy alone.
Kate, ma chérie, ces scalps valent 25 dollars chacun.
Now, Kate, honey, them scalps is worth $25 apiece.
Tilda, ma chérie... je suis libre.
Tildy, honey. I is free.
Owen rend ta maman heureuse, ma chérie.
Owen makes your mommy happy, honey.
C'est très mignon, ma chérie.
That's really sweet, honey.
Tu as des goûts étranges, ma chérie.
You got strange tastes in men, honey.
Je te l'expliquerai en route, ma chérie.
But if you and Daddy... Darling, I can explain it better on the way to the train.
Tout va bien, ma chérie...
So if you want to, just hold this back for me there.
Repos et récréation, ma chérie.
Well, rest and recreation, my darling.
Laisse-moi t'expliquer, ma chérie.
Sweetheart, please, just let me try to explain.
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