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Translation of "me" in English


Certaines choses me troublent, me rendent malade.
Certain things distract me, make me feel sick to my stomach.
D'autres hommes me battraient et me chasseraient.
All the other men I've known would beat me up and kick me out.
Qui me veut me trouvera au café Corsini.
Those who need me can find me at the Café Corsini... of Portici Statuto.
Vous avez trois possibilités : me tuer, me chasser ou me prendre comme associé.
As I see it, you guys have to do one of three things: Kill me, run me off or take me in with you as a partner.
Je ne pense pas que je veuille qu'un tas d'étrangers me suivent avec des caméras, me regardent me brosser les dents.
I don't think I want a bunch of strangers following me around with cameras, watching me brush my teeth.
Il voulait me dominer, alors il me droguait et me fouettait.
He wanted to have his way with me... so he drugged me, and then he whipped me.
Quelqu'un qui ne me ferait pas me me sentir comme si je faisais une erreur en faisant cela.
Someone who doesn't make me feel like I'm making a mistake by doing this.
S'ils me découvrent, je ferais tout pour me cacher Vous avez pensé à ce crime bien avant de me rencontrer.
If they get me, I will do everything to hide me, hold not kid yourself, you did to this crime, long before you met me.
Ça me stimule, ça me fait me sentir vivant.
It challenges me, makes me feel alive.
Il aimerait certainement me détruire de cette façon, en me brûlant vivante, ou en me décapitant.
He'd probably like to destroy me in the same way, by burning me alive, or cutting off my head.
Tu me déshabilles, me baignes et me couches.
You undress me, you bathe me, you put me to bed.
Pour me regarder et me toucher et me sentir...
To look on me and touch me and feel me...
Elle me couchait pour me nourrir et dans cette position je me mordais.
She fed me when I was on my back.
Plus tard, elle me regardait sans me reconnaître.
After a little while, she'd look at me, didn't know who I was.
Les gardes du SWAT me laisseront sûrement me servir.
I'm sure the swat team guarding that shipment Won't have a problem with me taking a few.
Et me sachant ici, il me recevra.
And if you tell him I'm here, he'll want to see me.
James me conseillait souvent de me transformer définitivement.
More than once, James suggested that I make the change permanent.
Elle me croit incapable de me débrouiller.
She can't believe I can do anything on my own.
Si vous me permettez, je me retire.
So if you don't need me anymore, I'll secure for the night.
Je me disais juste que le public adorerait me voir me réveiller au milieu du discours de Susan.
You know, I was just thinking how much the viewers would love it if I suddenly woke up right in the middle of Susan's speech.
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