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Translation of "me faire" in English


Venez me faire un sandwich Focker.
Come here and give me a Focker sandwich.
Elle devait me faire visiter les installations.
She was going to give me a tour of the facilities.
Rien ne saurait me faire plus plaisir.
Nothing would give me greater pleasure, Mrs Judson.
Charlotte veut me faire visiter l'aile médicalisée.
Charlotte's offered to give me a tour of the medical wing.
Vous vouliez me faire signer des papiers.
You said there were some papers I should sign.
J'ai failli me faire dessus devant tout le monde.
I came that close to not making it into the bathroom again. I almost lost it in front of everybody.
Je voulais me faire appeler Thomas...
I thought I'd change it to Thomas...
Ou tu voulais me faire culpabiliser.
Or maybe you just thought you could guilt me into changing my mind.
Elle essaie de me faire culpabiliser pour Izzie.
She's trying to make me feel guilty about the Izzie thing.
Vous vouliez même me faire ramasser la déposition.
You even wanted me to pick up the deposition of the floor.
Suffisamment pour me faire entrer ici.
Well, good enough to get me in this room.
Laissez-moi me faire ma propre idée.
Will you let me do my own thinking, captain.
Vos intentions ne pouvaient me faire plus plaisir.
What you say you want to do is the best news that anyone could tell me.
Ça devrait me faire vivre quelque temps.
Should keep me in tea and toast for a few weeks.
Tu essaies seulement de me faire pitié.
You're only trying to make me feel sorry for you.
La progestérone devait me faire ovuler.
You said with the progesterone, I'd be ready to ovulate.
Autrement je devrais me faire pendre.
Or else I will have to get myself hanged.
Vous pourriez me faire un pansement.
I see you're a medical centre. I need a bandage.
Inutile de me faire la conversation.
Sir, there's no need to make any conversation for my sake.
Mais vous vouliez me faire arrêter la grève.
Now, I know you were just trying to dupe me into ending the strike.
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