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Translation of "me rendre" in English


Je voudrais me rendre chez moi si possible.
If it's okay with you, I'd like to go home for a few days.
L'adresse et où je dois me rendre.
Just give me the... address and tell me where I'm supposed to go.
Tu as tout fait pour me rendre malheureuse.
You've done everything you could think of to make me miserable.
Si vous voulez me rendre humain...
If your intention is to make me human, Q...
Ma belle-mère va me rendre folle.
I've got a mother-in-law about to drive me crazy.
Mais assez âgé pour me rendre enceinte.
But you're old enough to make me pregnant.
Je dois me rendre à un autre rendez-vous.
I have to go somewhere else.
Vous vivez pour me rendre misérable.
You live to make me miserable.
Mais seulement 4 sachets ne peuvent pas me rendre si... fatiguée.
But even four bags shouldn't make me this... tired.
Et il fait tout pour me rendre heureuse.
And he does everything possible to make me happy.
J'étais censé me rendre à cette réunion à Ybor City.
I was the one supposed to go to that meeting in Ybor City.
Je ne sais pas jusqu'où je veux me rendre.
And I don't know how far I'm willing to go with all this.
J'ai déjà trouvé qui va me rendre heureux.
I found someone to make me happy.
Elle va me rendre plus connu que Jerry.
It'll make me bigger than Jerry.
N'essaye pas de me rendre heureux.
Don't try to make me happy.
Puis me rendre directement à Notre-Dame après la fin de l'été.
I guess that would mean that I'd leave for home on Friday and then head straight to Notre Dame after the summer's over.
Je dois me rendre au penthouse immédiatement.
I need to get to your penthouse level immediately.
Ça va me rendre super populaire.
I think it's going to make me very popular.
Je dois bien me rendre utile.
No, let me. I'm getting embarrassed to face you.
Cette histoire va me rendre fou.
You know, this sniper thing is driving me crazy.
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