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Translation of "me suis" in English


Je... me suis retrouvée célibataire récemment.
I've... found myself single, rather recently.
Je me suis promis une chose.
I promised myself right then and there... she'd be mine.
Désolé, je me suis énervé.
I'm sorry about that. I got a little worked up.
Je me suis fait belle pour aller danser.
I got dressed up to go to a dance, and that's what I'll do.
Je me suis toujours considéré comme un astronaute peureux.
I always thought of myself as one of the more fearful astronauts, really.
Je me suis caché sous des feuilles.
Well, I got off a couple of rounds... buried myself in the leaves.
Je venais vous questionner, je me suis laissé emporter.
No, I just came by to ask you a few questions, and I got a little carried away.
Je me suis toujours identifiée à cette liberté.
And right or wrong, I've always identified with that freedom.
Je me suis engagée à maintenir cette continuité.
I, too, am committed to ensuring this continuity.
Je me suis entraîné pour ça.
Say no more. I've trained for a moment like this.
Je me suis toujours cru pacifiste.
You know, I've always thought of myself as a pacifist.
Peut-être que je me suis emporté.
You think a guy like me wants to be stephanie zimbalist? Maybe.
Ces derniers jours je me suis sentie observée.
The last few days, I've had the strangest feeling that I am being watched.
Je me suis autant ennuyé que toi.
Look, I didn't want to be there any more than you did.
Mais je me suis assez entendue parler.
I could, but I've kind of hade enough of myself for the day.
Je me suis entraînée pendant cinq heures.
But, dad, I was out there For five hours yesterday swatting balls.
Mais je me suis débrouillé pour recoller quelques morceaux.
Well, that's as may be... but I did manage to put a few pieces together.
Je me suis vraiment mal comportée.
You know, honey, I'm really sorry for how I acted.
Je me suis arrêté plusieurs fois.
I had to make some stops. I've seen it every time.
Je me suis jamais senti mieux.
[Chuckles] The best I've felt in a couple months.
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