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Translation of "merci beaucoup" in English

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thank you very much
thank you so much
thanks a lot
thanks so much
thanks very much
many thanks
thanks a million
much obliged
merci beaucoup
Thank you ever so much
I really appreciate


Ils préfèrent assistants administratifs maintenant, merci beaucoup.
They prefer administrative assistants now, thank you very much.
C'est tout, merci beaucoup.
Yes, sir, that's it. Thank you very much.
Je préfère celui du milieu, merci beaucoup.
I prefer the one in the middle, thank you so much.
Académie Préparatoire Mason, merci beaucoup...
Mason Preparatory Academy, thank you so much...
Pour tous les autres, merci beaucoup.
The rest of you, thanks a lot.
Le dîner était excellent, merci beaucoup.
The dinner was excellent, thank you very much.
Je suis suffisamment honoré, merci beaucoup.
I am sufficiently enobled, thank you very much.
Et pas bourré, merci beaucoup.
And not hungover, thank you very much.
Bien, alors merci beaucoup et désolée.
Okay, well, thank you very much, and sorry.
Les autres filles, merci beaucoup.
The other girls, thank you very much.
35 en octobre, merci beaucoup.
SIMMS: 35 in October, thank you very much.
Et frère Roman, merci beaucoup.
And brother Roman, thank you so much.
Mesdames et Messieurs les députés, merci beaucoup.
Ladies and gentlemen of the Parliament, thank you very much.
Maintenant - superbe imagination, merci beaucoup.
Now - great imagination, thank you very much.
Mesdames et messieurs, merci beaucoup. Shokran.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. Shokran.
Mesdames et Messieurs, merci beaucoup.
Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.
Alors j'accepte, merci beaucoup.
Then I'll take them, thank you very much.
Réservé ? super, merci beaucoup.
Book? Well, super! Thank you very much.
Ce serait très aimable, merci beaucoup.
That would be a great help, thank you so much.
Je sais attacher une ceinture, merci beaucoup.
Well, I know how to wear a seat belt, thank you very much.
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