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Translation of "mets" in English


Tu mets toute la chaîne en danger.
Bears. Now you're putting the whole station in jeopardy.
Je mets fin à cette opération.
I'm pulling the plug on this operation.
Pas question d'abandonner ces mets.
Can't walk away from the delicious food that we got here.
Je te mets K.O en quelques secondes.
I could take you down in just a couple of seconds.
Je mets mille musiciens dans une église.
A thousand musicians and put them all in a big church.
Je mets ma présidence en jeu.
I'm putting my Presidency on the line.
Et maintenant regardez... mets ça là-bas.
Now, I'm going to show you... put it right in there...
Je les mets dans un vase.
I'll put them into a vase for you, Mrs Elkins.
Ne te mets pas à pleurer.
Now, Sarah, don't you cloud up on me, girl.
Tu me mets dans une situation embarrassante.
You know, you're putting me in a terrible position.
Tu mets les gens devant le fait accompli.
You put people in front of the situation, and you let them deal with it.
Ferme et mets la clé sous le paillasson.
So when you're finished, just lock up and put the key under the mat.
Moondance, mets Checkers dans un box.
Moondance, I want you to take Checkers into his stall.
Me mets pas ça sur le dos.
It never would have gotten out if you hadn't been cheating last night.
Tu mets ton oryctérope dans une pièce sombre.
You take that aardvark, you put him in a dark room.
Après le bain, mets ça.
When you're through taking a bath, put on these things.
Je mets juste beaucoup d'antisolaire.
I just use a lot of sun block.
Tu mets l'Insurrection en danger.
You could be responsible for putting the Uprising in jeopardy.
Je mets Sweets sur cette affaire.
I'm bringing Sweets in on the case.
Et mets une pancarte "pause déjeuner".
And put out the "lunch hour" notice so people won't bump in.
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