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Translation of "mettait" in English


Il se mettait beaucoup de pression.
And he put a lot of pressure on himself.
Il mettait ses mains sur mes pieds...
He put his hands on my feet, showed me how to work it.
Il me mettait des couvertures dessus.
He kept putting blankets on top of me.
Il en mettait au bout de ses moustaches.
He put a little of it on either end of his mustache.
On mettait le détenu à genoux.
One put the prisoner at knees.
Le Dr Bell a dit que si on vous mettait en danger, il apparaissait.
And Dr. Bell said that, if we put you in harm's way, he'd appear.
Elle y mettait vraiment du sien.
She did put in the work.
J'ai toujours lu qu'on mettait la maison au nom de sa femme.
Well, I always read where you put the house in your wife's name... so there you are.
Pour chaque dollar que le Québec mettait dans l'aide sociale, le gouvernement fédéral en mettait l'équivalent.
For each dollar that Quebec put into social assistance, the federal government used to put in an equal amount.
Elle mettait de petits morceaux au-dessus.
She used to put those little sprinkles on top.
Maman le mettait dans ma poussette.
Mother used to put him in the pram to keep me company.
Il mettait la pression à Lorenzo.
He was putting all the pressure on Lorenzo.
Ici, on mettait l'arbre de Noël.
This is where we used to have our Christmas tree when I was a boy.
Tout se mettait en place pour Barrie.
Everything was falling into place for Barrie, the behaviour unfolding.
Mon grand-père en mettait avant d'aller picoler.
That's the cologne my granddad used to put on before he passed out in the alley.
Elle mettait toujours son écharpe porte-bonheur.
Wednesday's were raffle night and she always wore her lucky scarf.
Et il mettait sa voiture dedans.
And since then I don't know what to do with myself.
Il mettait les gens dans sa poche.
And he then would he didn't think people got the point of them.
A 10 ans, il mettait des costumes.
You know, when he was about ten, he started wearing suits to school.
Elle mettait le drapeau comme ça...
She draped the flag... like it was a tunic.
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