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Translation of "mette" in English


J'aimerais que ma soeur se mette plus en valeur.
I just wish my sister would put herself out there more.
Vous détestez qu'on mette la vie de Corinne en péril.
You hated it whenever Corinne was put into Jeopardy.
Contactez le pont pour qu'on se mette en route.
Inform the bridge to set a course.
Elle voulait qu'on les mette sur le sapin.
She wanted to put them on the tree.
qu'on vous mette sous respirateur ?
or put you on a breathing machine?
Il faudra qu'on te mette en cage, fiston.
We'll have to put you in a cage, kid.
Attends que je mette un vêtement.
Wait till I put something on.
Il faut que je me mette quelque chose sous la dent.
I must put myself something in their mouths.
Avant qu'il les mette en faillite.
Before he put them out of business.
Elle voulait être sûre qu'on le mette dans son dossier.
Gave it to me a little while ago wanted to make sure it was out of her purse and in a medical record.
Ma mère voulait que je mette un kimono.
Mother wanted me to come out in a kimono, so we had quite a fight.
Il faut que j'y mette le holà.
You know what? I'm going to put a stop to this right now.
Faudrait pas que je me mette au volant et...
I mean, the last thing we want is for me to get behind the wheel and just...
Que ta fille mette une belle robe.
Tell your daughter to put on her prettiest dress.
Obtenez que Washington mette quelques espions là-dessus.
I mean, get Washington to put a couple of spooks on it.
Je déteste qu'un homme se mette sur mon chemin.
If there's one thing I hate, it's a man getting in the way of what I want.
Bien que cela nous mette dans inconvénient énorme.
Although it does put you both at a tremendous disadvantage.
Il est indispensable que la Commission mette en pratique le programme de reconstruction de l'Amérique centrale.
It is vital that the Commission implements its reconstruction programme for Central America.
Nous attendons maintenant que la Commission se mette promptement au travail.
We now expect the Commission to start work at soon as possible.
Je veux que rien se mette entre nous.
I just don't want anything to ever come between us.
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