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Translation of "mieux que quiconque" in English

better than anyone else better than most better than anybody else
more than anyone else
better than any other
more than anybody
good as anyone
that as well as anyone
of all people
all people
Elle connaissait Khalid mieux que quiconque.
She knew Khalid better than anyone else we had.
Vous semblez connaître la station mieux que quiconque.
Everything I've heard suggests that you know this station better than anyone else.
Vous devriez comprendre ça mieux que quiconque.
You should understand that better than most.
Comme je connaissais Petros mieux que quiconque.
Just like I knew Petros better than most.
Vous préférez entendre qu'on fait mieux que quiconque.
You want to hear that Americans are better than anybody else.
Et je le connais mieux que quiconque.
And I know him better than anybody else I've ever met.
Elles connaissent ces animaux mieux que quiconque.
And they know these animals better than anyone else.
Mais vous connaissez Jack Bauer mieux que quiconque ici.
But you know Jack Bauer better than anyone else in here.
Et c'est mieux que quiconque dans le monde, autant que je sache.
And that's better than anyone else on the planet, as far as I'm concerned.
Vous savez que j'ai raison, et mieux que quiconque.
You know better than anyone else that I'm right.
Vous devriez le savoir mieux que quiconque.
You should know that better than anyone else, Mr. Hunter.
Vous comprenez et défendez son affaire mieux que quiconque.
He knows that you understand his Great Matter better than anyone else, and that you take his part.
Il connaît le terrain mieux que quiconque.
No one knows the land better than he does.
Tu devrais le savoir mieux que quiconque.
Why, you should know better than anyone, my dear.
Tu le connais mieux que quiconque.
Well, you know him better than anyone.
Je connais Hoyt mieux que quiconque.
Come on. I know Charles Hoyt better than anybody.
Je connaissais Kenya mieux que quiconque.
Vous connaissez l'endroit mieux que quiconque.
Vous me connaissez mieux que quiconque.
Elle le fait mieux que quiconque.
She does it better than anybody I know.
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