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Translation of "mis" in English


j'ai mis 6766
On a mis mis ces signes nous-mêmes ainsi personne pique les patates.
We put those signs ourselves so nobody would steal potatoes.
Tu m'as mis en mauvaise posture devant Matthews et Clare.
It was clever how you got that story mixed up this morning... to put me in bad with Matthews and Clare.
On a mis le feu à la voiture.
Both victims were shot with a. revolver and the car was set on fire.
Certains ont mis leurs idées en application.
Some even managed to put the idea into practice.
J'ai mis les agents sur cette affaire.
I put a call in to the registry, but I haven't heard back.
J'ai mis quelqu'un d'autre dessus.
I put someone else to work on it, because I couldn't find you.
Normalement, j'aurai mis ça...
Now normally, I would put something like this out...
Vous allez être mis en quarantaine.
There's nothing to worry about, you're being put in quarantine.
Ils ont mis toutes nos forces dessus.
And decided to put all the firepower we had into it.
J'ai donc mis une seule balle dans ce revolver.
Which is why I only put one bullet in this gun and why I would prefer not to use it.
Quand j'ai mis la main sur vous...
You know, your reaction when I put my hands on you - I fought back.
Lovejoy l'a mis dans ma poche.
I'm so sorry. - That guy Lovejoy put it in my pocket.
J'ai mis une caméra dans sa rue.
I put a GoPro camera on her street, but it's not showing me anything.
Johnny Kennedy aurait mis un contrat sur Roach.
I've got a pretty good lead that Johnny Kennedy put out a contract on Roach.
Ce document sera complété et mis sur Internet.
This documentation would be improved and put on the Internet.
Weltech a mis 2000 $ sur la table.
WILLIE: Weltech come in here last week, and they put 2k right there.
J'ai mis des choses dans ton sac.
I've put a few things in your bag. I'll see you tonight.
Et elle a mis le câble.
And she hooked it up to cable. Well, of course.
Les noms de colonnes seront mis en minuscules.
The case of the returned column names will be changed to lowercase.
SFIV tournait sur des cabinets Atomiswave mis en réseau pour l'occasion.
The unique SFIV game was run on specially populated Atomiswave cabs and operated through exclusive networking hardware only ever seen to this point in Japan.
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j'ai mis 6766

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