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Translation of "moi aussi" in English

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Oui, moi aussi, monsieur.
Yes, it's nice to see you again too, sir.
Elle était mystérieuse pour moi aussi.
I mean, she was a mystery to me, too.
Cette nuit compte beaucoup pour moi aussi.
You know, that night meant a lot to me too.
Je devrai moi aussi rentrer bientôt.
I, too, shall have to return soon.
Si Harvey le croit innocent, moi aussi.
And if Harvey thinks the kid didn't do it, then so do I.
A votre service, moi aussi.
Sir, my good friend, Ill change that name with you.
Je le déteste, moi aussi.
Well, I think possibly - Yes, I hate him too.
Je veux des enfants, moi aussi.
I wantto have babies myself, so it's good to experience a birth.
Elle veut me supprimer moi aussi.
She wants me out of the picture, too.
Je suis un patient, moi aussi.
Basically I'm the guy not important enough to leave on the intake form.
Parfois j'aimerai avoir échoué moi aussi.
Sometimes I wish I'd failed it, too.
J'aimerais essayer, moi aussi.
I want to try that sort of thing too.
Hetty vous soutient et moi aussi.
Hetty's going down the line for you and so am I.
J'ai moi aussi des faiblesses à vous confesser.
I required and charge you both as you all have to answer at that dreadful day of judgement.
Tout continue, donc moi aussi.
Everything is carrying on, so I must.
Permettez-moi de vous poser moi aussi une question.
If you don't mind, Captain, I have a question of my own.
Je suis acteur, moi aussi.
No, I just thought I would join in on the fun.
Si vous restez, moi aussi.
Well, f you're siay ng, ihen so am l.
Ramenez-le moi aussi vite que possible.
Please bring it here as quickly as you can.
Les circonstances sont difficiles pour moi aussi.
Under the circumstances, it's distressing to me, too.
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