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Translation of "moindre" in English


Accepter le moindre est parfois notre unique choix.
To accept the lesser sometimes can be our only choice.
La contribution moyenne est néanmoins bien moindre.
The average parental contribution is, however, much lower.
Au moindre mouvement hostile, nous détruirons votre vaisseau.
If there is the slightest hostile move, your vessel will be destroyed immediately.
Effrayés par le moindre petit changement.
And now I haven't even talked to her in five years.
Ma peau devient sensible à la moindre pression.
My skin becomes sensitive to even the slightest of pressure.
Appelez-moi au moindre souci, merci.
If you have any problems, you know where to contact me.
Je veux le moindre document concernant Perry.
I need copies of every piece of paper with Perry's name on it.
À l'époque, la concurrence était moindre.
In the days when he used to come out here, there wasn't so much competition.
On doit vérifier le moindre petit détail.
You know, we've got to check out all these small little details.
Le moindre détail peut nous faire prendre.
If it does, the chances double that we get caught.
Mon autorisation est le moindre de vos problèmes.
I don't think my permission's going to be your problem.
Au moindre problème, crie et on accourt.
And don't worry, if anything happens, just scream, we'll come rescue you.
Le moindre indice peut nous aider.
I told you before, the smallest thing might get us closer.
Elle se rappellera la moindre fourchette.
She'll remember down to the last shrimp fork.
Ils remarquent la moindre petite attention.
They're grateful for the smallest bit of attention.
On peut commencer cette enquête à moindre coût.
I think we can start this investigation without too much cost to Mrs. Clark. Yes.
Au moindre geste, je t'éclate la tête.
If you so much as look cross-eyed at anybody, I'll blow the back of your skull out.
La moindre syllabe doit être passée au crible.
Not a syllable passed on before being vetted, examined, coded, and cleared.
Mais pas le moindre t-shirt à logo.
But there's not so much as a T-shirt with a team logo on it.
Vous sauriez sans prendre le moindre risque.
You'd know the result without taking the slightest risk.
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