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Translation of "mon mari" in English

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my husband
my man my hubby my own husband
my old man
my husband-
my husbanïs
married to me
I married


Tu étais censé trouver mon mari.
You're supposed to be finding my husband.
Ils vont peut-être chercher mon mari.
Maybe they've gone to look for my husband.
Gina Tribbiani et voilà mon mari Joey.
I'm Gina Tribbiani, and this is my husband, Joey.
Joe est meilleur observateur que mon mari.
I guess Joe is a more observing man than my husband.
Je vais juste rejoindre mon mari.
I think I just have to go see my husband.
Mais mon mari m'a déjà montré les pédales.
But my husband showed me all the pedals once when he tried to teach me how to learn.
J'attends mon mari, alors...
I'm waiting for my husband's car, so...
Je dois retrouver mon mari pour déjeuner.
I'm supposed to meet my husband for lunch.
Laissez mon mari venir avec moi.
Mr Archibald, please let my husband come with me.
Écoutons ce soi-disant message de mon mari.
Well, let's hear this supposed message from my husband.
Je comprends... que mon mari vous intéresse.
I'm not here to judge. I can understand your being interested in my husband.
Mme Murchison, voici mon mari.
Mrs. Murchison, this is my husband.
Nous devons retourner sauvez mon mari.
We have to go back for my husband.
J'en faisais pour mon mari malade.
I used to make it for my husband when he wasn't feeling well.
J'ignore où est mon mari.
I have no idea where my husband is thanks to you people.
Si mon mari appelle, dis-lui que j'arrive.
If my husband calls, tell him I'm coming. [Craig] So, not bad.
Vous avez encore grisé mon mari.
So you've got my husband intoxicated again.
Et mon mari n'est pas à vendre.
Well, you can't buy me, and my husband's not for sale.
On m'a dit que vous étiez l'assassin de mon mari.
Can I get you a drink or something to eat? I've been told that you are the one who killed my husband.
Je tiens à rejoindre mon mari.
I'm determined to get to my husband.
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