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Translation of "n'a pas pris" in English

did not take didn't take has not taken had not taken took no has not made has failed to take did not make
has not been
hasn't taken
hasn't had
didn't get on
failure to take
has not implemented
couldn't take


Mais il n'a pas pris ces diamants.
But he did not take those diamonds.
La pourriture n'a pas pris sa jambe.
The rot did not take his leg.
On sait qu'elle n'a pas pris son vélo.
I mean, w-we know she didn't take her bike.
Il n'a pas pris de taxi.
He didn't take a cab.
Il n'a pas pris d'initiative particulière en ce domaine.
UNODC has not taken any specific initiatives in that respect.
Ça n'a pas pris 15 minutes.
That didn't take 15 minutes.
Et elle n'a pas pris tous les bijoux.
And she didn't take all her jewelry.
Elle n'a pas pris sa valise.
She didn't take her suitcase.
Bien, ce bateau n'a pas pris lui-même le large.
Well, that boat didn't take itself off-shore.
Mandy n'a pas pris cette photo.
Mandy didn't take that photo.
Si elle n'a pas pris la voiture, il est proche.
If she didn't take the car, that means he must be close.
Parce que le cartel n'a pas pris Lisa.
Because the cartel didn't take Lisa.
Elizabeth n'a pas pris ton sac.
Elizabeth didn't take your backpack.
Elle n'a pas pris ça comme une plaisanterie.
She didn't take it as a joke.
Il n'a pas pris la photo.
He didn't take the shot.
Le Dr Merritt n'a pas pris ça.
Dr. Merritt didn't take these.
La vie n'a pas pris ton dinosaure.
Susan, life didn't take your dinosaur.
II n'a pas pris l'argent.
He didn't take the money.
Donc, le personnel n'a pas pris cette voiture.
So, the staff didn't take that car.
II n'a pas pris sa combinaison.
He didn't take his wetsuit.
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