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Translation of "n'a pas vraiment" in English

doesn't really didn't really did not really has not really does not really hasn't really didn't exactly don't really
didn't actually
really doesn't
has no real
was not really
is not really
hasn't exactly
really didn't


Ça n'a pas vraiment d'importance pourquoi leur mariage a échoué.
It doesn't really matter why their marriage failed.
Et il n'a pas vraiment d'argent.
And he doesn't really have any money.
Jeffrey n'a pas vraiment fait ses devoirs...
Jeffrey didn't really research the assignment.
Et ce garçon qui n'a pas vraiment disparu...
I'm having an episode here with the boy who didn't really disappear.
Il n'a pas vraiment attendu ma réponse...
Didn't really wait for my answer...
La réhabilitation... n'a pas vraiment marché.
Rehab... didn't really work.
Il n'a pas vraiment regardé ce qu'ils contenaient.
He didn't really rifle through it.
Il n'a pas vraiment d'âme.
He didn't really have heart.
Il n'a pas vraiment d'amis, en particulier au Moyen-Dillon.
He doesn't really have any friends, especially at East Dillon.
Ça n'a pas vraiment d'importance ce que vous lui donnez comme dysfonctionnement émotionnel.
Doesn't really matter what emotional malfunction you give her.
Donc le spray n'a pas vraiment marché.
So the spray didn't really work.
Ça, ça n'a pas vraiment marché.
That one didn't really work.
Ça n'a pas vraiment aidé à me faire apprécier par l'administration.
Didn't really endear me to the administration.
Je parie que Jeff n'a pas vraiment compté.
I bet Jeff didn't really count these.
Et son hamster n'a pas vraiment besoin d'une opération de remplacement de hanches.
And her hamster doesn't really need hip replacement surgery.
Il n'a pas vraiment comprendre les principes de base de l'entreprise.
He doesn't really comprehend the basic principles of business.
Il n'a pas vraiment dit ça.
He didn't really say that.
Il n'a pas vraiment parlé.
He didn't really make a bet.
On n'a pas vraiment rendez-vous...
Well, she's not exactly expecting me. It's more...
Ça n'a pas vraiment changé grand-chose.
We found out there wasn't much of a difference from when he was alive.
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