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Translation of "n'ai" in English


Mais je n'ai pas d'argent.
I'd like to give them a present, but I have no money...
Je n'ai souhaité que régler ça.
I never asked for this. I just wanted to make it go away.
Je n'ai pas ma place.
I cannot be from this place. I do not belong here.
Je n'ai pas d'argent.
Why would anybody con me? I don't have any money.
Je n'ai pas dansé depuis longtemps - Hugo Boris - éd.
I haven't danced for a long time (Je n'ai pas dansé depuis longtemps, in French) - Hugo Boris - ed.
Non, je n'ai rien fait.
I was sitting at a stoplight... minding my own business, when the man...
Je n'ai jamais d'allergies.
Far as I know, I've never been allergic to anything.
Je n'ai aucun moyen de tricher aujourd'hui.
I don't have any tricks up my sleeve this time. Let's see what he can do.
Je n'ai peur de personne.
I'm not scared of anyone including you, so... get out.
Je n'ai pas tué Mrs Cutler.
I didn't kill Mrs. Cutler, if that's what you're thinking.
Je n'ai besoin de rien.
D'abord, je n'ai pas oublié Elvira...
Well, to begin with, I haven't forgotten Elvira. I remember her very distinctly indeed.
Je n'ai rien contre le Dr.
I have nothing against Dr. Seward, please don't think that, but...
Je n'ai pas compris grand-chose.
Okay, Lucas, I don't understand most of what just happened.
Je n'ai pas vue les tiennes Nina.
I haven't seen yours yet, Nina. I'm sure they're wonderful.
Je n'ai aucune finesse psychologique.
'Cause I'm a really poor judge of character.
Je n'ai pas reconnu cette délicieuse chanson.
I didn't recognize that delightful song you were singing, Christine.
Je n'ai pas votre réputation.
Maybe you can bluff them but I don't have your reputation.
Je n'ai jamais quitté Storybrooke.
I've never even been out of Storybrooke.
Je n'ai pas dit ça.
He saw our faces. Well, I'm not saying that.
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