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Translation of "ne me" in English


ne me dis 3416
ne me fais 2328
Sérieusement, ne me regardez pas.
I'm serious, for real, no looking, thank you.
Cette perspective ne me sourit guère.
I do not find this prospect a pleasing one.
Mais je ne me vois épouser personne.
But I don't see myself as ever married to anyone.
Voir des vies détruites ne me fait pas plaisir.
You know, I don't take joy in destroying the lives of others, innocent or not.
On ne me laisse pas l'approcher.
She's been took bad, and they won't let me near her.
La neige ne me réussit pas.
This snow, I don't think it's good for me.
Personne ne me l'a jamais demandé.
No-one's wanted it for a year. I should be able to find it.
Pourtant, ça ne me déplairait pas.
Well, I'm not, but neither is it a bad idea.
Je ne me laisserai pas enterrer comme ça.
Nobody is just going to put a name to me, and that's it.
Une chance qu'elle ne me ressemble pas.
In fact, it's hard to see how she could possibly be of my blood.
Simple constatation, ne me remerciez pas.
It's a fact, not a compliment, so don't thank me.
Mes parents ne me comprenaient pas.
My parents didn't understand me at all.
En 1731, cela ne me dit rien.
1731, Rex vs. Knox, I can't say I call it to mind.
Alors ne me redites jamais de lâcher prise.
And don't you dare stand there and talk to me about letting things go.
Vous ne me connaissez même pas.
I mean, you don't know the first thing about me.
Peut-être que ça ne me plaît plus.
Well, maybe I don't like the idea of you worrying about me anymore.
Tout ça ne me plaît pas.
You know, I don't think any of these are right.
Ma soudaine popularité ne me flattait pas.
But I wasn't eluded by my surging popularity.
Vous ne me poussez pas à travailler.
You don't push me to work. I'll be good at it.
Vous ne me semblez guère perspicace.
You don't seem particularly insightful to me.
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ne me dis 3416
ne me fais 2328

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