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Translation of "ne pas" in English


Pourquoi ne pas nous laisser un instant...
Cat, why don't you give the chief and I a second...
Fais attention à ne pas trop boire.
Now, when you get up there tonight, don't drink too much.
Navrée de ne pas te raccompagner.
I'm sorry I can't walk you out.
Pourquoi ne pas se marier sur-le-champ...
Why can't we just elope and... No.
Tu vas encore ne pas terminer ta phrase.
You're doing that thing where you actually don't finish your thoughts out loud.
Pourquoi ne pas m'aider maintenant.
So why don't you help me out here.
Vous feriez mieux de ne pas entrer.
It's better if you don't go in there, Monsieur La Bessiere.
Wendell, pourquoi ne pas vérifier.
Wendell, why don't you check it.
Tu peux ne pas apprécier mes décisions, Dawson.
You don't have to like my decisions, Dawson. I just ask that you respect them.
Pourquoi ne pas prendre quelques vêtements.
Why don't you put on some clothes.
Je dis ne pas vouloir abandonner maintenant.
I'm saying I don't want to give up now.
Venir autant signifie ne pas arriver à se pardonner.
The only person comes to church that much is the kind who can't forgive himself for something.
Je préfère ne pas vous suivre, M. Grant.
No, I don't think it would be wise for me to go with you, Mr. Grant.
Pourquoi ne pas aller chez Phillips...
Why don't we go into Phillip's ranch...
Tu peux ne pas te maquiller.
It's OK if you don't want to wear any makeup.
Prétendre ne pas connaître ma mère.
Pretending I don't know you're my mother.
Prétendre ne pas reconnaître un scaphandre en Floride.
Pretending I don't recognise a space suit in Florida.
Pourquoi ne pas nous donner... tes conclusions.
You know, why don't I just - I'll skip to the end.
Faisons attention à ne pas se faire emporter.
We just have to be careful we don't get caught in the middle again.
J'espère ne pas rester estropié.
I sure hope that thing don't leave me gimpy.
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