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Translation of "ne pensez pas" in English

do not think don't believe
think not
don't mean
wouldn't you say
do not believe
don't feel
do not imagine
Don't assume
don't think don't you think you're not thinking didn't think
don't suppose
don't expect


Vous ne pensez pas comme les autres.
You do not think like the others.
Vous ne pensez pas à la politique.
You do not think about politics.
Mais ne pensez pas à éloigner le Roi de moi.
But do not think to take the king away from me.
Vous ne pensez pas réinstaller Jane...
You can't mean to restore Jane to...
Vous ne pensez pas qu'un psychiatre...
She - You don't think a psychiatrist...? No.
Cependant... ne pensez pas autrement.
However... we are not in a relationship.
Walter, vous ne pensez pas...
Vous ne pensez pas vraiment que...
You don't really think that they're...
Vous ne pensez pas les Indiens dangereux.
I take it you don't think the Indians are dangerous.
Par conséquent, ne pensez pas que cette lettre n'a pas été respectée.
So, please do not think that no one paid any attention to the letter I received.
Vous ne pensez pas qu'Eddie...
Well, you don't think Eddie...
Vous ne pensez pas que j'aurais
You didn't think that was something I'd like to know about?
M. Sugimoto... ne pensez pas ainsi.
Mr Sugimoto... didn't think so.
Vous ne pensez pas vraiment que c'était une coïncidence.
You don't really think it was a coincidence.
Je suis heureux, ne pensez pas le contraire.
I'm happy with that don't get me wrong.
Certes, vous ne pensez pas que Saul...
Surely you don't think Saul...
Donc ne pensez pas être la plus rusée.
So don't think you're here on the sly.
Vous ne pensez pas que je suis...
You don't think that I am...
M. Wade, vous ne pensez pas...
Mr. Wade, you can't mean that...
Vous ne pensez pas que je connais ce gars.
You don't think I know this guy.
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