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Translation of "ne t'" in English


Carmela, ne t'en fais pas.
Do not push! - Carmela, don't worry, it will be solved.
Le Président ne t'accordera aucune autre requête.
The president has refused to capitulate to any further demands.
Ça ne t'attirera pas d'ennuis.
Well, I don't think it's going to put you on the spot.
Ça ne t'arrivera plus avant un moment.
Sleep, my lady... for it could be some time before you do so again.
Donne-le-lui et rien ne t'arrivera.
Give him his child and nothing will happen to you.
On ne t'a pas forcé à venir.
I didn't know it meant the number of people that'd actually be here.
Je ne t'ai jamais payé la course.
I don't recall ever paying you for that taxi ride I bought from you.
Mais il ne t'aura pas.
Well, darling, we just won't give it to him.
Je ne t'ai jamais posé de questions.
You know, in 20 years, Michael, I have never asked any questions.
Personne ne t'y a forcé.
Parce que les Nietzschéens ne t'attaqueront jamais.
Because the nietzscheans will never attack you. I don't follow.
La décision ne t'appartient pas.
Get in the car. It's not your choice to make.
Toyama... ne t'approche pas de Sadako.
Toyama... keep away from Sadako. Please! I met this doctor who knows her.
Je ne t'en donne pas assez.
So what you're really saying is I don't give you enough money.
Je ne t'ai pas entendu venir.
I thought you might like to know I'm calling off the real estate plan.
Ces chansons ne t'appartiennent pas.
Okay, those masters do not belong to you.
Je ne t'en voudrai pas.
I don't begrudge you wanting to take something of your father's.
J'espère que ça ne t'embête pas.
I've got to make for my part. I know you won't mind.
Je ne t'ai pas touchée.
Stop it, I say! I'm not touching you, Eva.
Je ne t'ai pas descendu.
I agreed to go on a date with a very short person.
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