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Translation of "nuit" in English


la nuit +10k
nuit-là 2959
Une douce nuit vous attend maintenant...
You are now ready for a quiet night's sleep...
Allons arroser notre première nuit d'adulte.
Let us drink to our first night as adults.
Non, je préfère rentrer avant la nuit.
No, I'd rather get home now, darling, before it gets too dark.
Nous voulons revenir avant la nuit.
We want to get back before dark. Okay.
Une zone résidentielle, déserte la nuit.
Residential area, quiet street, deserted at night.
Ça sera probablement la dernière nuit.
It'll probably be a late night, though.
L'enfant se rapproche chaque nuit.
The infant is circling the house, moving closer every night.
Ces animaux sont curieux la nuit.
The animals get a little curious at night.
Elles peuvent mieux travailler la nuit.
They do some of their best work at night.
Commençons, la nuit a été longue.
OK, let's move this along, it's been a long night.
La nuit nous parle, Wintergreen.
The night is talking to us, Wintergreen.
On va passer une incroyable nuit.
We're going to have an incredible night.
La jungle est dangereuse la nuit.
It's too dangerous to go out in the jungle at night.
Ça pourrait devenir la meilleure nuit de Ron Swanson.
This could end up being the best night in Ron Swanson's life.
Nous fêterons ta dernière nuit d'humaine.
We'll celebrate your last night as a human.
Aide-moi à choisir pour ma nuit de noces.
What about the linnens? You'll be able to pick out something for the wedding night.
Personne pour te border la nuit...
Nobody to tuck you into bed at night.
Encore une nuit difficile en perspective.
And just like that I had another rough night ahead of me.
La nuit est sombre et terrifiante.
The night is dark and full of terrors.
La nuit, je tremble d'être appelé.
Every night I go to sleep in fear I'll be called out on a call.
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la nuit +10k
nuit-là 2959

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