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Translation of "nul" in English


nul doute 2749
c'est nul 1240
nul besoin 1135
Les dispositifs pour commander un moteur dans une position de roue libre ou de couple nul en maintenant un déplacement pratiquement nul.
Devices to control a motor in a free-wheel or zero torque position by maintaining a nearly zero displacement.
C'est surement pas si nul.
Oh. Well, I'm sure it's not that bad.
Tout est redevenu nul comme avant.
Well, everything is back to being as bad as usual.
C'est presque aussi nul que Bartholomew.
Leonard? That's almost as bad as Bartholomew.
Tu es vraiment nul en math.
You really are bad at math.
Au dîner, quelqu'un à la table me traitait de nul.
Well, that's 'cause there was someone on the other end of the dinner table tellin' me how much I sucked.
Franchement, je te trouve nul.
All right, honestly, I think you're nothing.
Désolé, c'est trop nul.
So I'm sorry I brought you to a dog, Champ.
Je suis nul pour pas mal de trucs.
There's a lot of things I can't do in life, you know.
Vous étiez nul comme trafiquant d'héroïne.
You were lousy at running heroin, Boyd Crowder.
C'était nul après votre départ.
Yeah, things got kind of boring after you left.
Ce microscope du lycée est vraiment nul.
This microscope I got from the high school is a joke.
Vous faites semblant d'être nul.
You just keep on pretending that you're a dub.
Toutefois nul ne contestera que des problèmes importants demeurent.
No one could deny, however, that major problems remained.
J'ai jamais été aussi nul.
No, honestly, that's the worst I've ever been.
L'ancien Carl se trouvait nul.
Because the old Carl didn't think he was enough for anybody.
Je suis nul dans ces affaires-là.
I'm not very good at this, man.
Aide-moi, je suis nul en droit civil.
Listen, I'm gonna need your help. I don't know anything about civil court.
Alors, nul ne pourra vous atteindre.
If you do that, no one will be able to touch you.
Vous étiez sans nul doute impressionnant.
You were impressive in there, no doubt.
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nul doute 2749
c'est nul 1240
nul besoin 1135

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