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Translation of "obligée" in English


Je suis obligée d'informer son avocat.
And I have an obligation to inform his counsel.
Une banque dépositaire n'est pas obligée de conclure un accord de contrôle.
There is no obligation on a depositary bank to enter into a control agreement.
J'étais obligée de lui parler ainsi.
Maybe, but she won't listen to me unless I say something like that.
J'étais pas obligée, maman.
I didn't have to, Mama, but it's yours.
Elle a dû se sentir obligée.
I don't know, she's always been the responsible one.
Mais vous n'êtes pas obligée.
But I told you, you don't have to worry about this.
Sa famille fut obligée de fuir.
Her family had no choice but to flee.
Je suis obligée d'être compréhensive.
I have no choice but to be understanding.
Être obligée de vivre ici comme une recluse.
How I'm forced to live as a recluse while others go on as if nothing happened.
Peut-être que tu t'y sens obligée.
Well, maybe that's just 'cause you think you're supposed to.
Je vous serais obligée de bien vouloir la lui soumettre.
I should appreciate it, therefore, if you would kindly submit the said resolution to the General Assembly as requested.
Votre institution est aussi obligée d'y réfléchir sérieusement.
Your institution, too, is obliged to give serious thought to this.
Elle finira par être obligée d'abandonner son ambiguïté étudiée et devra probablement en payer le prix.
Eventually, she will be obliged to abandon her studied ambiguity, and she will probably pay a price for doing so.
Elle était obligée d'investir cet argent dans la région.
It had to commit that amount of money to reinvest in those communities.
Tu n'es pas obligée, mais c'est bien.
I mean, you don't have to, but good.
Vous n'êtes pas obligée de vivre ainsi.
Your life doesn't have to be like this.
Je suis vraiment désolée d'avoir été obligée d'interpréter jusqu'ici le mensonge.
I'm very sorry for being obliged to interpret the untruth up to now.
Le jour même, elle a été obligée de quitter sa résidence universitaire.
She was also forced to leave her room in the hall of residence on the same day.
Comme ça, personne ne sera obligée de la voir.
Well, that way not everybody would have to look at it.
Tu n'es pas obligée de parler.
Look, you don't have to say anything, just don't.
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