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Translation of "obsède" in English

you're obsessed with
keep seeing
can't stop thinking about
so hung up on
can think about
you've been obsessing over


Je me ferai pas plomber parce que Marty vous obsède.
I will not be plumbing Because Marty obsesses you.
Le mystère de sa mort m'obsède.
The mystery of her death obsesses me.
Le visage de Dan m'obsède.
I keep seeing Dan's face.
La destruction du monstre obsède notre reine.
Our queen is obsessed with the destruction of the monster.
Savoir ce qui t'obsède chez elle.
I want you to tell me why you're so obsessed with her.
J'ai une image en tête qui m'obsède.
You know, I have this picture in my head that just won't go away.
C'est la question qui m'obsède
That's the question I'm most afraid of
Tu ne vas pas nier qu'il t'obsède.
I'm sure you're not going to deny that you're obsessed with him.
Ce pirate, Baptiste, l'obsède.
That pirate, Baptiste, is an obsession with her.
La mallette t'obsède autant que les autres.
You seem just as obsessed with the briefcase as the others.
Certains jours, ça m'obsède.
Some days it's all I can think about.
Alors pourquoi perdre du poids vous obsède ?
Then, why are you two so obsessed by losing weight?
Ça l'obsède, il boit plus que d'ordinaire.
Se he's drinking more than usual.
Je ne voulais pas que ça vous obsède.
I didn't want it to come back to haunt you.
Et je sais aussi... que son nez m'obsède.
And I know one other thing: I'm not getting past that nose.
Et il y a un détail qui m'obsède...
And this thing will hang me up if I live to be...
Mais ça m'obsède, vous comprenez.
But it's an obsession, you see.
La raison pour laquelle cela t'obsède.
The reason you are so obsessed with what I was doing.
Je trouve ça adorable que ce type vous obsède.
I think it's so adorable how obsessed you are with this guy.
Je suis a l'oppose de l'obsède.
I am the opposite of obsessed.
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